Welcome to your DROTAG.x!

This User Guide’s goal is to get DROTAG.x working with your tethering camera and your Ardupilot based Flight Controller module.

DROTAG.x is a small board that simply sits between your camera and your Flight Controller (like Pixhawk), allowing you to remote trigger the camera (manual or automatically) and have the taken pictures automatically geo-tagged. The pictures are tagged in the camera itself.

Currently the main Sony cameras tested are (A5000, A5100, QX1, A6000, A6300, RX100 M2), but others may be added in the future.

1. Package Contents

• 1 x DROTAG.x board;

• 1 x 16GB Class 10 microSD card loaded with DROTAG.x software – already inserted in the DROTAG.x‘s case;

• 1 x External Flash Hot Shoe PCB;

• 1 x DROTAG.x Quick Start Guide;

• 1 x An Operation Checklist.

2. Assumptions

1. The DROTAG.x module is connected to one of the available telemetry output found on your flight controller (Pixhawk/NAVIO/etc).

2. The power to the DROTAG.x is supplied by the autopilot’s telemetry port.

3. The MicroSD Card that came with your package is inserted in the DROTAG.x board. This item is setup by Airborne Projects.

4. To get the pictures geo-tagged you need a GPS fix on your Autopilot. Without it, DROTAG.x will not trigger the camera.

5. The MicroSD Card image you receive is bound to your DROTAG.x serial number. That means you can use any MicroSD card you wish but you can only run it on your board. If you would like to run DROTAG.x in another board please contact us.

Product Specification