1. Reflashing the DROTAG.x Firmware

DROTAG.x should not need to ever be re-flashed, but in case there is an up-date to the firmware you may be required to reset the firmware. To do so:

1.1 Write the Image Through Windows

1. Decompress the zip file;

2. Download and install; Win32Imager;

3. Select the Image file as the file which was uncompressed. The file ends with .direct;

4. Insert at least an 8GB SD card into your reader;

5. Select the drive letter where the card is in your computer;

6. Press write and wait for a good while.

1.2 Write the Image Through Linux

1. Insert at least an 8GB SD card to your reader;

2. Unmount if it automatically mounts;

3. Unzip the file;

4. sudo apt-get install pv;

5. pv | sudo dd of=/dev/mmcblk0; (device name can be different. Do not choose a partition but a device!).

2. After Flight the Camera Still has a Lens Retracted

It can happen, specially after flight sessions with several hundreds or thousand pictures that tagging takes a while. The rough numbers we have is that it takes approximately 1 minute to tag 100 pictures. Another way to check if DROTAG.x is still tagging is to look for the camera’s card activity LED. If it is active then DROTAG.x is working.

3. Significant Delay in Pictures

This happens if the camera was not configured with manual settings. The automatic modes of the cameras always take a certain amount of time find the correct settings. Not only can it take long for the automatic focus to settle but it can also find that long exposure times are adequate. Possible actions are:

1. Follow the recommended setting provided in the Further Information tab.

2. In case of abnormal behavior, please contact us.

4. Display is Stuck “Camera USB Connecting”

1. Verify that all the cables are not broken;

2. Verify that the telemetry port to which you are connecting has the baud rate set to 57600;

3. The DROTAG.x card may have become damaged. Contact Airborne Projects for a re-generated image.

5. How to Verify the Systems on the Ground

If you have the Mission Planner or any other Ground Control System connected to another telemetry port of your Ardupilot you can test DROTAG.x:

1. Connect DROTAG.x to Ardupilot;

2. Connect Mission Planner to the Ardupilot;

3. Arm Ardupilot;

4. Make sure you have GPS reception;

5. Right click on the map and press TRIGGER CAMERA NOW;

6. Disarm Ardupilot;

7. Disconnect all the system;

8. Verify your pictures in the Camera Card.

6. There are Photos Missing? Why?

This situation can come from 2 possibilities:

• Flight conditions made the time between pictures inferior than 1.6 seconds and DROTAG.x automatically skipped the picture trigger.

• The camera card may have been still been busy from the previous picture and could not trigger the picture.

When the 1.6 second rule is broken, nothing can be done besides accounting for flight conditions (ground speed) and tweak the mission according to the recommendations given here.

When pictures are being missed because of poor camera card performance you normally can see the file drotag.log in the same directory as the pictures with some technical information and text mentioning that pictures were missed. This normally means that camera didn’t have a picture matching a known trigger. A good solution is to try another card with better performance.

7. Display is Stuck on “Check Connect Device”

This means the DROTAG.x did not boot at all even though the USB has power.

1. Verify the card is correctly seated in the DROTAG.x board.

2. Contact us so we can provide you with a new card image. The procedure is the same as the one for firmware upgrade.

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