How does it work?

A drone is a remote controlled aircraft and it is used to provide images at a distance. To exterminate the wasp hive, an operator pilots the “Drone” to the location where it is expected to be found. After inspecting the images captured by the “Drone”, both visible and invisible (thermal), the operator activates a mechanism to gas with poison the area of the hive.

The spray can with the poison is activated with a servo-motor through a mechanism in the images above. The model is available in Thingiverse’s Divine Cobra page, and modified by Airborne Projects on demand for different bottle shapes. Let us know if you have a need for a special can.

Why it is safe?

The operator has all the information as if looking through the eyes of the “Drone”, but never exposes itself to the wasp attack, nor the any poisonous fumes that may be sprayed. The “Drone” can also be protected by a shroud so it can fly into small bushes or flora obstacles.

Why is it an opportunity?

Using a “Drone” for pest killing is a technologically advanced solution but not well explored scientifically and commercially. Airborne Projects is a company open to new commercial partnerships in new markets. We are also a company supported by the commercial initiative of ESA, European Space Agency.

If you are interested in working with us or exploring pilot demonstrations for potentially profitable markets let us know.