Airborne Projects has been developing and supplying Hardware and Software sub-components in the drone market. We have successfully launched several products like DROTAG.x with another version currently being developed. We also have been engaged in with experts in the development of a Battery Swapping Technology to be used on drones. All of these products are related to space technology.

The DROTAG product family aims at the professional cartography services providers that use drones as a cost efficient tool to get aerial imagery. As these providers business is not related to the operation of drones themselves they want tools that simplifies the most the process of aerial imagery. What DROTAG family does is enabling the companies to use their preferred cameras, and have the triggering and picture tagging with information from the flight controller.

Without DROTAG, the triggering requires special hardware to interface the camera and the flight controller. Additionally the process of picture tagging is a manual process which can be unsuccessful if the triggering part does not go as expected, as is common. The DROTAG family of products eliminates the manual work on the ground and makes the triggering and tagging always successful. This saves companies from repeating flights, which is costly and sometimes impossible. The new DROTAG on the family will still satisfy the previous requirements of tagging and triggering, but it will enable the customer to see the pictures with their respective tagging in real time. This will give a faster reaction time for the companies to realize if the pictures they are taking are of acceptable quality. This is crucial as while in the air picture settings may need to be adjusted. The new DROTAG will also enable live processing of high resolution pictures when combined with high powered computing like in the cloud. These new characteristics play perfectly to another market which is much more profitable, the market of security and defense. We already have a client list, including government agencies to market our products to.


The Battery Swapping System development is now picking pace, with prototype stations already developed and world renowned experts on automatic landing working with us. The technological landscape has evolved significantly since we started developing the system but we believe that Airborne Projects, with a broader range of contacts in the market and with more available capital. Engagement with venture capitalists is also ongoing, as a lot of potential is seen for metropolitan wide supply chain networks is one of the areas we are now focusing. This aspect is a departure from our initial proposal of agriculture business, but only on focus. The reason is due to the fact that a lot of the “reachability” of venture capital comes from visibility of their investment. The advertising/social potential as well as impact, for the disruption of supply chain networks, is much bigger than is ever achievable with in the agriculture sector. It is know that this focus will likely incur on higher legal risks, but regulators are getting more and more comfortable with the idea of unmanned vehicles in populated areas, as is known by the amount of driver-less car testing going on.