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Teach your camera new tricks! Effortless APM GeoTagging in CHDK cameras.

  • Decouple the image gathering from image information – No more APM logs cross reference.
  • 0-effort configuring the camera for UAVs. Images are captured with ideal settings to ensure consistency over shots.
  • Use APM position data to tag your pictures. Take advantage of APM's advanced data fusion, including RTK capabilities if available.
  • Huge availability of cameras.

DroTag.CHDK is a system that allows your Canon PointAndShoot enabled with CHDK, to Geo-reference images with APM position data in the air.

No more ground based post processing involving cross reference of logs with picture indexes. Our system also automatically configures the camera so that your pictures are consistent over shots. This makes image data processing more consistent and easier to use.



The DROTAG is a small board (55x27mm) that enables you to configure, trigger and GeoReference pictures in ther air. It connects to an APM compatible Flight Controller (like Pixhawk or ) through any available TELEMETRY port and through a MicroUSB cable to the camera. That’s it. Nothing more is needed. With the appropriate mission planning you will have your captured pictures automatically geotagged by DROTAG in the MicroSD card at the time you land, with no need for any post-processing. For further information download the >manual here.<

What about the cameras?


As is known it is not easy to find up-to-date CHDK cameras in the market, but we have this covered. In partnership with some members of the CHDK community we found that the IXUS160 is compatible with the CHDK firmware and generally available in stores.

If you have trouble finding cameras or you have a need for a different camera not yet supported by CHDK contact us so we can work towards a solution.

“Psst, GoPros are light and all the rage!” – Why are CHDK cameras better for mapping?

Very simply: camera settings.

With a GoPro or similar when you take a picture you have no control over the camera settings like Exposure, Shutter Time, ISO values etc, not to talk about distortion. The lack of control over this settings will make each picture unpredictably different from one another.

Pictures with different settings over a flight make the stitching process result in worse mosaics. Another mapping product which will have a worse quality is the 3D image meshes generated from aerial pictures. This is due to fact that the algorithms that match image overlaps, have a difficulty doing so if the images of the same point in space “look” different in different pictures.

Custom Lua Scripts

DroTag.CHDK allows you to shoot your pictures with desired LUA script. Currently we include a modified kap_uav script that is widely used by CHDK cameras to ensure consistent camera settings across different lighting conditions.

DroTag or DroTag.CHDK?

Both DroTags make compatible cameras take pictures and tag them with geographical data. The difference is the way they do it.

Classical DroTag captures the image and saves the pictures on the DroTag board itself. On the other hand DroTag.CHDK captures the image but never needs to transfer the picture to it’s board. DroTag.CHDK is conceptually “simpler” but only works with CHDK modified cameras.


  • Possibility to use very advanced settings provided by CHDK, including executing LUA scripts.
  • Theoretical lower Minimal Time Between Pictures, due to lack in-flight of picture transfers.


  • Only works with CHDK enabled cameras.

General specifications

  • Size: 55x27mm
  • Weight: 21g
  • Power supply: 5VDC via Telemetry Port Cable
  • 3 Seconds Minimum Time Between Pictures (Mission Planner)