libgphoto2 to gstreamer element

//libgphoto2 to gstreamer element

libgphoto2 to gstreamer element

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Gstreamer libgphoto2 source element allows you to use a Gstreamer pipeline to take pictures off your camera. Linked with Gstreamer, ap_gphoto2src can be used to trigger, broadcast and save your PTP enabled camera pictures. With ap_gphoto2src plugin you also have access to the following useful properties and events:

  • Trigger with Geo-Tagging events;
  • Pause and wait for manual trigger events;
  • Take pictures at a specified frequency;
  • Allow camera configuration through properties;
  • Available for multiple architectures (ARM,x86, others on request);
  • Create applications that take advantage of real time camera configuration;

Prices are per-license. If you have a need for integration or bulk licensing please contact us.

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Usage Cases

At Airborne Projects we already use ap_gphoto2src in drone based computers like the Raspberry PI and other ARM based computers. These are very small computers that can be integrated in remote systems to trigger, configure and Geo-Reference pictures taken by advanced DSLR cameras. If you need a ready to use system for remote capture and camera configuration please contact us.

Surveillance/High Resolution MJPEG Server

With ap_gphoto2src element you can create pipelines which capture pictures from your high resolution camera and send it through RTP protocol to be visualized anywhere in the world or on your local network. We have experience with cameras where the camera’s HDMI-out outputs HD video(h264@1080i) in real time and can be triggered by ap_gphoto2src in parallel to take and stream 20MP pictures to a remote location. This is specially useful for remote surveillance operations where a viewfinder allows an operator to find an object of interest and instantaneously request a very high resolution picture.

View and Manipulate your camera settings

ap_gphoto2src element allows your interactive web sites to stream images online and adjust your camera settings in real time (depending on camera capability). Ideal for remote camera locations where manually adjusting the camera is impossible.

Imagine the lighting conditions on this remote location change over the course of time and you need to adjust the camera settings, for instance the ISO or Shutter Timer. You are very far from this location and this object is moving fast in low light conditions. You can design a web application around ap_gphoto2src and gstreamer that enables you to set the camera settings for that conditions and start streaming or saving pictures at designated intervals for further detailed review.

Example Pipelines

The following pipeline demonstration configures the ISO settings to 100, shutter speed to 1/400 and makes the camera trigger every 5 seconds. Afterwards it sends it to jpeg parser so that gstreamer is aware of the jpeg. Then, a tee element duplicates the stream pictures. One part is streamed to a local computer through RTP protocol, while the other is saved on local storage.

gst-launch-1.0 ap_gphoto2src shutter-speed="1/400" iso-speed="100" interval=5 ! jpegparse ! tee name=t ! queue ! \
 filesink location=./%d.jpg t. ! queue ! rtpjpegpay ! udpsink host="" port=9001