Airborne Projects has extensive experience in Aeronautical engineering of Unmanned Vehicles and respective system integrations. Whether it is a custom project for 10 hour long endurance fixed wing MAV or a wind tunnel test, Airborne Projects has the know-how and academia partnerships that enables one of a kind solutions for problems too broad for a single discipline.

If you are looking for project consulting and advice, our team of experts and academia connections can give you the security needed to be sure your UAV investments are technically sound.

As an example take a look at one of our proposals for Asian Wasp Nest extermination and let us know what you think.

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Most of the new product features presented to clients are in the form of software. In Airborne Projects, we believe that advanced software solutions that integrate directly with flight missions improve productivity and mission effectiveness. This does not mean that equipment safety is overlooked. On the contrary we have several quality assurance stages where our software is thoroughly tested before being delivered to the customer.

Specifically we have developed capabilities for common micro-computers to communicate mission parameters calculated in real time by additional modules like machine-vision processing, without compromising critical code nor dealing with the side effects of changing restrictive open source licenses.

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In Airborne Projects, we like to see ourselves as inventors but also technical nitpickers. This has translated into us building and customizing existing 3D printer designs to obtain the best results for the money invested.

You can take advantage of our expertise to order designs from websites such as with piece of mind that the part will be correctly and quickly sent to you. We are so proud of our printed products that when the original design has small flaws we will make the corrections for you.

Airborne Projects also sells pre-calibrated 3D printers so that you can just print your design without technical details like the temperature of the extruder and/or heated bed.

Just press print!

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At Airborne Projects we are often asked for customizations of existing 3D drawings or to find solutions to engineering operational problems. We can proudly state that due to the quality of our prototyping and customer contact, most of our customers improved their productivity and found additional ways to monetize their prototypes.

To achieve this we have resorted, and have available for immediate prototyping and small production runs: Laser cutters, 3D printers and wire cutters. Last but not least, our team of designers are the ones responsible for customer communication, so when you work with us you have a direct link to the engineer.

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In Airborne Projects we follow the Aeronautical industry commitment in providing documentation and training to our customers. We have available a closed netted volume where operators can receive and training maneuvers without danger of injury or loss of equipment. We strongly advise our customers to make themselves comfortable with our equipment with the assistance of our engineers so that their investment is protected and productivity ensured.

Besides training we also provide support contracts to keep your equipment continuously operational and safe. The support contracts also ensure that parts are available with no additional cost.

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